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Department: Director

Jessica Martin

Mrs. Martin is the HR Director for BaseFirma’s International Transfer Pricing Group. She is based in Asheville, North Carolina. Mrs. Martin joined  BaseFirma in 2005 after graduating from Ohio University.   Since joining BaseFirma, she has earned an MBA degree from Western Carolina

Vanessa Padilla

Ms. Padilla is the Finance Director for the global BaseFirma group and is a public accountant for BaseFirma Bogota. Ms. Padilla joined BaseFirma in 2009. She has a degree in Statutory and International Auditing from Universidad Externado de Colombia. Ms. Padilla has

Iván Mora

Mr. Mora is a director for BaseFirma’s International Transfer Pricing Group in Colombia. Mr. Mora joined BaseFirma Colombia in 2008 but left in 2010 to work for KPMG Barcelona. He then returned to Colombia, working for KPMG  in Bogotá until he rejoined BaseFirma

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