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Our success comes from employing experienced, talented, and cosmopolitan consultants with international expertise, operating across the US, Europe, and Latin America as a single, sophisticated, multi-national consultancy firm. We are a team of experienced economists, MBA’s, tax lawyers and accountants, here to help your company with all your transfer pricing needs and related international tax issues. We are highly specialized in our field and can offer you efficient, high quality, extremely price-competitive services, while guaranteeing personalized, on the spot attention.

We are large enough to have a physical presence in all major markets (and indeed we serve clients all over the world), but we are small enough to offer you specialized advice and products, tailor-made to what your company needs. By focusing on our field of expertise we avoid the squandering of time, resources and money that characterizes the large-scale structure of our Big Four competitors; that’s how we keep our fees so competitive.  

You want peace of mind about your company’s transfer pricing compliance: maintaining detailed, up-to-date documentation is the key. BaseFirma will help your company to comply with all local regulations, in a way that is in accordance with global policies such as the OECD guidelines.
A forward-looking, scalable, and streamlined transfer pricing model is essential for a well-functioning corporate tax function. BaseFirma is skilled and experienced at designing transfer pricing structures that fit your current business realities as well as you vision for growth.
Transfer pricing is one of the fastest growing subjects of audits by tax authorities around the world. At BaseFirma, we offer a range of solutions and support to minimize your risk of a potential audit, and to defend your company in the case of an ongoing audit. These services include negotiations of Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs), preparation of defense files, due diligence reviews, and review of intercompany legal agreements, among others.

The persistent advance toward data-driven approaches to business functions means that operational transfer pricing – the practice of converting transfer pricing policies into financial statement reality – is one of the most pressing topics for corporate tax departments. At BaseFirma, we understand that transfer pricing structures and policies are only the first step in a complex implementation process, and therefore we offer operational transfer pricing solutions to our clients to automate and ensure quality in monthly, quarterly, and/or annual transfer pricing calculations, as well as to monitor interim results on an ongoing basis.

There are ways to make meeting compliance requirements easier, and the software tools BaseFirma offers are one such way. We developed TP Genie, CbCr Tool, Brasil Genie, and our Risk Assessment Tool to give you accuracy, consistency, and control put the power in your hands.

Do you know the value of your company’s intangible assets? Whether for the purpose of transferring rights to affiliates or as part of a larger valuation, BaseFirma can assist your company with the identification and valuation of its intangible assets, such as trade names, trademarks, and know-how.

BaseFirma offers a collection of tools to help your company set up and price any kind of financial transaction.

Getting your transfer pricing right requires attention to detail over the entire intragroup transaction lifecycle.  We’ll work together with your tax or transfer pricing department to deliver valuable, business-specific knowledge that will help identify potential pitfalls in the handling of intragroup transactions. Of course, we can also perform transaction and documentation reviews for the company, if needed.

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BaseFirma has a prominent physical presence in all major markets. From our 14 offices in the US, Europe, and Latin America, with a strong alliance network of handpicked law and consultancy firms all over the world, we currently serve more than 650 clients in 30 countries on 4 continents, while continuing to grow globally.

About BaseFirma

Founded in 2002, BaseFirma is a global boutique firm specializing in transfer pricing and international tax services. Here are some compelling reasons to choose BaseFirma as your ally in the wild world of international taxation. Our ‘just right’ size allows us to offer expert advice and tailor-made solutions for our clients everywhere in the world, while making sure to connect with them in a personalized approach. Our team’s superior skills guarantee top-notch support from start to finish. Our 14 offices in the US, Latin America, and Europe combine with a strong alliance network of handpicked law and consultancy firms to form an international network that allows us to currently assist more than 650 clients in 30 countries on 4 continents. The consistently high standard of success of our projects has not gone unnoticed; BaseFirma was awarded Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year by the International Tax Review for three years in a row.

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BaseFirma’s strength lies in its people: we are a team of experienced international economists, MBA’s, tax lawyers and accountants, here to help your company with all your transfer pricing needs and related international tax issues. We pride ourselves on our expertise, our efficiency, our communication skills, and our dedication to finding the exact right product for your specific situation. Here is another way in which our ‘just right’ size works in our favor; we can afford to be picky. We select our employees among the best and the brightest in our field, and then carefully pick the ones that are enjoyable to work with. That makes our team the best in the business.

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