Operational Transfer Pricing

The persistent advance toward data-driven approaches to business functions means that operational transfer pricing – the practice of converting transfer pricing policies into financial statement reality – is one of the most pressing topics for corporate tax departments. At BaseFirma, we understand that transfer pricing structures and policies are only the first step in a complex implementation process, and therefore we offer operational transfer pricing solutions to our clients to automate and ensure quality in monthly, quarterly, and/or annual transfer pricing calculations, as well as to monitor interim results on an ongoing basis. 

Implementation of Transfer Pricing Policies

BaseFirma and our partners can assist you with implementing your transfer pricing policies into your financial and tax statements. This includes support with automating transfer pricing calculations, working within GL or sub-GL level data to tag and categorize accounts, and informing intercompany adjustment or invoice amounts. Our operational transfer pricing service span all major transactional categories, including but not limited to:

  • Cost-Plus or Resale Minus Calculations
  • Royalty or License Fee Calculations (both fixed and variable)
  • Intercompany Service/Cost Charge-out Allocations
  • Intercompany Interest or Financing Calculations

Transfer Pricing Monitoring

We help our clients monitor their transfer pricing results on an ongoing basis, in order to avoid unwelcome surprises at or after year-end.

Global Coordination

At BaseFirma, we are expert project managers who can take on the challenge of coordinating with local controllers, tax managers, and other key personnel in order to coordinate and communicate with global practices relating to transfer pricing implementation.

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