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Beatriz Jaramillo

April 15, 2019

Beatriz Jaramillo is a senior associate in Venezuela. She holds a degree in Public Accounting from the Central University of Venezuela, one of the most recognized universities in Venezuela. She is currently doing a postgraduate degree in the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, specializing in Finance of Companies at the above-mentioned university. She has developed her work experience in administrative, accounting and tax areas. She was part of the Transfer Pricing team of Deloitte and after that, she served as a consultant and adviser for the administrative, accounting of processes and internal audit area, forming part of the support team for a service provider firm to a Venezuelan governmental entity. Prior to joining BaseFirma, she was part of the Transfer Pricing team of Consultant EFE ™ Group, a Mexican business-consulting. She worked as a Transfer Pricing consultant assisted in multinational companies and groups in countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama and other countries.