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Brazil’s Transfer Pricing Overhaul: A Narrowing Window for Action

Chad Martin, BaseFirma Denver Office Lead Introduction Despite the attention that has been directed to Provisional Measure No. 1152/22 (“the PM”) as it makes its way through Brazil’s legislative system toward becoming law (see BaseFirma’s original analysis of the PM here), it

Transfer Pricing for Start-Ups and International Expansions

Chad Martin, BaseFirma Denver Despite recent headwinds in global trade caused by supply chain bottlenecks and geopolitical conditions, multinational enterprises (MNEs) continue to grow in number, size, and economic importance. Companies in industries ranging from financial technology to biopharmaceuticals are seeking to

Jamaica: New Transfer Pricing Reporting Requirements

On December 15th, the reach of transfer pricing regulations expanded to the Caribbean.  The Jamaican government just amended the anti-avoidance section of its tax code, the Income Tax Act, to include transfer pricing provisions.  Section 17 of the Income Tax Act includes

BaseFirma nominated for International Tax Review Awards

BaseFirma nominated in the International Tax Review Awards for 2015. Nominations are as follows;   BaseFirma USA, Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year BaseFirma Latin America, Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year BaseFirma Argentina, Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year BaseFirma Chile, Transfer Pricing Firm of the Year

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