Amounts Required for Transfer Pricing Report Submission in Ecuador

The Ecuadorean tax authorities, through Resolution No. NAC-DGERCGC23-00000025, have implemented significant changes regarding transfer pricing. One of the most relevant changes pertains to the minimum amounts that make submitting a transfer pricing report a requirement.

According to this resolution, taxpayers subject to income tax who are not exempt from complying with the transfer pricing regime and who, within the same fiscal period, have conducted transactions with related parties totaling more than three million US dollars (USD 3,000,000.00), must submit the Annex of Related Party Transactions. In cases where this amount exceeds ten million US dollars (USD 10,000,000.00), these taxpayers must also submit the Comprehensive Transfer Pricing Report in addition to the Annex of Related Party Transactions.

Access the full document of the resolution here.

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