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NewsFlash April 2024

Upcoming Transfer Pricing Deadlines  Argentina: May 31st   2nd Country-by-Country Report Notification, for companies whose ultimate parent entity submits the Country-by-Country Report in March 2024.   

NewsFlash March 2024

Upcoming Transfer Pricing Deadlines   Bolivia: April 30th F.601- Informative Declaration and Local Report for banking, insurance, commercial and service companies, companies with and without

NewsFlash January – 2024

Upcoming Transfer Pricing due dates  Argentina: February 23 – 29 Informative Affidavit F.2668. Local Report F.4501 (Fiscal Year Ending 08/31/23). Master Report (Fiscal Year

NewsFlash January – 2024

Upcoming transfer pricing due dates in the Americas    Bolivia: January 28, 2024  Deadline for mining companies to submit Informative Sworn Statement (F.601) and Local

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