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Our strength is our people; employees are our greatest resource. In recruiting, BaseFirma looks not only for the best and brightest in our field, but for people with strong work values and good people skills, who are proactive and have an entrepreneurial mindset.  We are a company where individual contributions are valued and rewarded. We don’t impose rigid expectations on our employees; instead, we give responsible and trustworthy employees the autonomy to succeed on their own strengths. Our employees value flexibility and are encouraged to find their own work-life balance.  

Our team across the world is tightly knit and we keep in close contact. If you are interested in working with a young, dynamic company, with employees located throughout North and South America, we encourage you to send us your CV at:

Our team across the world is tightly knit and we keep in close contact. We often meet our colleagues from other countries while working on large international projects, and we get together annually at BaseFirma seminars.

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Training and Development

We believe in investing in our people; we offer both internal and external opportunities for continuous growth. Each year, employees are asked to participate in a variety of activities to earn continuing education credits. As a multinational firm, our staff must speak multiple languages.  Employees who are non-native English speakers have access to free weekly English classes. 

We believe continuous learning promotes innovation, adaptability, and drives engagement. We also put our people in the driver’s seat for their own personal development. Each year employees conduct their own personal assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses.  They then set their own annual career goals based on what’s most advantageous to them in their personal development. After a year of employment, our employees may qualify for financial assistance towards the cost of higher education programs.

Our employees get more on the job training than those at competing firms.  Everyone works in tight knit teams where any employee, regardless of their title, is able to get hands-on training by participating in client meetings and events. Our employees are encouraged to join the company mentorship program where they can pair up with a more tenured staff member who can coach and guide them throughout their career. 

  • Continuing Education
  • Free English Classes
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Continuing Education Financial Assistance
  • Hands-On Learning Opportunities
  • Company Mentorships


Year after year, our employees give us the feedback that they value our workplace flexibility model.  We didn’t just jump on the hybrid work bandwagon recently; we like to think we invented it. Since our company started in 2002, we realized employees don’t need to be in a fixed location to be productive.  Of course, we value being present with coworkers, but our staff are given the freedom to make their jobs work for them, wherever they are.

We take a holistic approach to our employees’ well-being. We recognize and encourage that our employees have a vibrant life outside of the workplace. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly workplace where we can tend to the needs of our loved ones, while still meeting the responsibilities we have in the workplace.

  • Hybrid Work Model
  • Good Work-Life Balance
  • Family Friendly Workplace

Paid Time Off

To encourage optimal creativity and effectiveness, we encourage our employees to enjoy their vacation time. That is why everyone on our team starts out with 20 paid days off per year and can accrue more with seniority. We also have other initiatives aimed at preventing burnout and rewarding employee’s for the heavier workloads during deadlines, such as reduced hours on Fridays, company-wide office closure, and birthdays off. To reward our longest tenured employees we also offer paid sabbaticals, to encourage employees to take longer breaks to disconnect and recharge.

  • Generous Paid Time Off
  •  Reduced Hour Fridays
  • Company-wide Office Closure
  • Birthdays Off
  • Paid Sabbatical

Wellness benefits

BaseFirma promotes a culture of wellness, based on the thought that healthy people are happier people. We all want to work with energetic, motivated, clearheaded colleagues, and we encourage our staff to be physically active. Exercise can be a great tool in creating a healthy work-life balance, and a good time to brainstorm, reflect, and burn off stress. BaseFirma financially supports employee gym memberships and fitness initiatives, such as gym memberships and recurring exercise classes. Our wellness initiative inspires our employees to participate in local sporting events such as hikes, running, cycling, and swimming.

BaseFirma also encourages the mental wellness of its staff by offering paid time off to attend silent meditation retreats, such as Vipassana.  We believe that by putting an emphasis on mindfulness and awareness, our employees can manage stress and become more self-aware. 

  • Employee Health Initiatives
  • Group participation in sporting events
  • Mindfulness Retreats

Social Responsibility

Our employees are required to do volunteer work (during work hours) at a non-profit organization in their area. We believe so strongly in the value of giving back to the communities where we do business that we have added this metric to our annual employee evaluations.


Our company culture places great value on clear communication. Giving and receiving honest, transparent feedback are skills that we model and learn together, and regardless of their position in the company, our people are encouraged to speak their mind. We encourage ongoing feedback, but we also have many opportunities for employees to give and receive formal feedback. Every year we create an opportunity between supervisors and employees to have a ‘stay interview’. Stay interviews are a great opportunity to give constructive feedback that can lead to increased employee satisfaction. We also give employees the opportunity to evaluate their leaders, which helps us improve and grow as a company.

  • Stay Interviews
  • Formal Evaluations (90-day, Annual)
  • Leadership Surveys

Life and Culture

Life and Culture


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