BaseFirma strengthens its transfer pricing presence in Central America

Jesús Guzmán studied economics and has an MBA from the Metropolitan University of Venezuela. He has been working in transfer pricing for over sixteen years in both public and private sectors.

Beginning in 2005, he worked with different Big Four firms in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to Central America in 2012, where he continued giving expert advice on transfer pricing matters. In 2017 he moved to Mexico. In all these markets, Mr. Guzmán was responsible for the preparation, coordination, and revision of global documentation for transfer pricing in line with OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises (MNEs), including preparation and revision of Master Files, Local Files, and Country-by-Country Reports, specifically focusing on compliance with Action 13 of the base erosion and profit sharing (BEPS) Plan.

Mr. Guzmán has performed a significant number of transfer pricing analyses for MNEs operating in Latin American countries. Such analyses included working on a wide scope of inter-company transactions like intangibles, rendered services, and cost distribution agreements, among others. In addition, Mr. Guzmán has considerable experience in preparing solid defense strategies for his clients.

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