Audit Defense

Questions or challenges from the tax authorities? BaseFirma can support your company in the event of an audit. Our qualified and experienced personnel will use a proven approach, based on sophisticated statistical and financial models, to defend your company’s transfer pricing policy and results. As a supporting line of defense, BaseFirma will work with renowned local law firms to establish how to best approach the local tax authorities, based on research of their history regarding the resolution of disputes.

In the recent past, BaseFirma has successfully assisted companies under audit in the US, the UK, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, and China.

Advance Pricing Agreements

BaseFirma can help you with the complex scoping and negotiation processes of unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral APAs. We have leadership with valuable tax administration employment experience, and team members with years of experience dealing with tax authorities.

Tax Audit Defense

Many of our offices work with prestigious local law firms to research tax cases and establish positions to help you defend you transfer pricing policies and results.

Defense File

Defense Files generally include the preparation of documentation providing specific evidence supporting your tax and transfer pricing positions.

Review of Legal Agreements

Our personnel can review your intercompany legal agreements and provide advice on how to improve them for internal or audit-readiness purposes.

Audit Readiness Analysis

An audit readiness analysis can help your organization anticipate any compliance issues that may arise in the event of a tax or transfer pricing audit. BaseFirma has tools that can quickly and easily provide guidance on your key areas of risk and exposure. Try out our Risk Tool today!

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