Transfer Pricing Planning

A forward-looking, scalable, and streamlined transfer pricing model is essential for a well-functioning corporate tax function. BaseFirma is skilled and experienced in designing transfer pricing structures that fit your current business realities as well as you vision for growth.   

TP Design and Structuring

We help multinational enterprises design efficient and scalable global transfer pricing structures, including recommendations of intercompany physical, financial, and contractual flows, and identification of intercompany agreements/contracts, setting transfer pricing policies that minimize risk while promoting your company’s objectives.

Benchmark Analysis

BaseFirma performs quality, timely economic analyses that help guide your company in selecting intercompany transfer pricing policies that comply with the arm’s length standard. These range from CPM/TNMM benchmarking sets of comparable companies to sets analyzing comparable transactions for licenses or royalties.

Transfer Pricing Strategy

BaseFirma will help you consider transfer pricing strategies from multiple angles, from risk management and compliance to M&A plans and tax efficiency.

Complex Transactions

Our personnel are knowledgeable and experienced in all major transaction categories, including complex transaction such as:

  • Cost sharing and cost contribution arrangements
  • IP migrations and transfers
  • Financial transactions
  • Shared services charge-outs

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