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Are you ready to simplify your workload with our transfer pricing tools? Whether it’s TPGenie or Risk Analysis tool, take a look and see which one is the right for you. 

CbCR Tool

BaseFirma’s Country by Country converter is an Excel based tool that helps prepare CbC reports compliant with OECD Schema v2.0.  Before converting to XML format, the tool pre-validates the data, thus reducing instances of filing rejection.  Each conversion to XML takes less than a minute. Additional ratio analyses and risk assessment analyses can be customized, based on the CbCr data.


This is a BaseFirma product, developed to bring nimbleness and speed to the Brazilian transfer pricing documentation process. The software reads information provided by the taxpayer and runs transfer pricing calculations according to Brazilian regulations, preparing robust documentation support. BrasilGenie allows our clients to prepare Brazilian TP calculations on a monthly basis and to explore scenarios based on the different interpretations of the Brazilian transfer pricing rules.

TP Genie

The one-stop software for creating and managing transfer pricing documentation, including Local Files, Master Files, Benchmarks, Intercompany Agreements, and Country-by-Country Reporting. TP Genie reduces time spent locally on documentation preparation and makes meeting compliance obligations easier. TP Genie allows for team workflow: share and delegate documents and tasks with colleagues using the incorporated status, survey & messaging system.

TP Risk Assessment Analysis

This tool was specifically developed for transfer pricing risk management and control. TP Risk Assessment is the process of identifying the transfer pricing risk exposure deriving from the taxpayer’s intragroup arrangements, and determining the likelihood of the tax authorities pursuing the situation. This is done through conducting a resource-intensive audit; our TP Risk Assessment analysis uses company, group, industry, and transactional information for scoring transfer pricing risk.  It also performs TP Audit Readiness scoring, where risk control measures are assessed to create a course of action for TP audit risk control.

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