Unlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Transfer Pricing Compliance

Curious about the role of AI in the future of transfer pricing?

In this new podcast episode, host Ricardo Rosero (BaseFirma’s managing partner) talks to two guests who have a front row seat to the developments around AI in the field of transfer pricing. Ivo Santamaria, director of innovation at BaseFirma, and Steve Tammerijn, partner at Intra Pricing Solutions, the masterminds behind TPGenie software.

Together they will give you more insight into where the use of AI in our field stands at the moment, what the opportunities are for using AI to support the quality of our work, as well as its limitations and how the ‘human factor’ is always going to be important.

Listen to the episode here.

For more information on how BaseFirma is integrating AI and how your company can too, contact us at info@basefirma.com.

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