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NewsFlash March 2024

Upcoming Transfer Pricing Deadlines   Bolivia: April 30th F.601- Informative Declaration and Local Report for banking, insurance, commercial and service companies, companies with and without accounting records, carriers, and independent professionals.   United States: April 15th  F.5472 – Annual Corporate Income Tax Return for

Karen Ramos, new Senior Manager at BaseFirma México

BaseFirma Mexico is pleased to announce its newest hire: Karen Ramos, a Transfer Pricing Senior Manager. Karen has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from La Salle University and a specialty and master’s degree in Economic and Financial Engineering from the same institution.

BaseFirma announces opening of its new office in Atlanta, Georgia

International transfer pricing firm BaseFirma is excited to announce the opening of its new office in Atlanta, Georgia, with the hiring of Adam Sandford. The new Atlanta office is part of BaseFirma’s expanding network in the United States, and will join its

G7 Plan for Taxing Multinationals

The members of the G20 are set to meet in Venice this July 9 and 10, to discuss the agreement on Pillars One and Two.  It remains to be seen whether the world’s financial leaders will endorse the framework. BaseFirma believes that

Newsflash Colombia

Colombia: firma de acuerdo con Estados Unidos para el intercambio de información del Informe País por País El 30 de agosto de 2017 se firmó el acuerdo bilateral entre Colombia y Estados Unidos para el intercambio de información del Informe País por

Newsflash Perú

Decreto Legislativo N1312 modifica reglamentación de precios de transferencia, de exigibilidad desde ejercicios 2017 y 2018: obligaciones formales, método PCNC, y servicios intercompañía Publicado el 31/12/16 obliga a los contribuyentes que realizan operaciones con vinculadas, presentar “Reporte Local” (a partir del 2017),

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